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  A new game from Enter-Tech Ltd. (the company behind most Moppet Video coin-op games) called Arkyology has surfaced.  It was first mentioned in a January 15th, 1984 Chicago Tribune article that was all but forgotten about.  One of the programmers who developed the game for Sparrow, Paul Walters, announced the game was completed and he has a copy of it.  Hopefully the ROM will be shared with the community.

  The Alamogordo, NM landfill reports that sales of unearthed Atari games have thus far totaled more than $100,000!  881 games were sold on Ebay, with another 297 to be sold at a later date.  The city will receive approx. $65,000 from the sales, with $16,000 going to the Tularosa Basin Historical Society, and $26,000 for expenses such as S&H.

  NECA just released a toy of Leatherface based on the VCS version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Unfortunately, the toy is green instead of blue!  The blue color was based on the original poster (the game's screenshots from the box and manual also show him as being blue).  Did NECA reference old screenshots from Atariage for the coloring?

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