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  NECA just released a toy of Leatherface based on the VCS version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Unfortunately, the toy is green instead of blue!  The blue color was based on the original poster (the game's screenshots from the box and manual also show him as being blue).  Did NECA reference old screenshots from Atariage for the coloring?

  Atari and Dynamite have agreed on a publishing deal, after four years of negotiations, that will see Dynamite create original comic books based on Atari game products, republish previous series such as Atari Force, and create non-fiction production products.  See the full article on Bleeding

  Jeff Minter brings us Minotaur Rescue for the iOS.  The game is very much like an updated version of Spacewar!, featuring graphics from VCS Asteroids and Combat!  This is the first in a planned series of games called the Minotaur Project.  See his Llamatron website for more info.

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