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  Derek Slaton just released his book, The Atari 2600 Encyclopedia: Volume One: Official Gamer's Guide.  The first volume covers over 100 games, and each game is given 4 pages of information and photos.  The page layouts are similar to how Joystik magazine did theirs.  Derek plans to have a total of 4 volumes covering 400-500 games.

  Rafael Cardoso, the programmer for the Odyssey2 games Wildlife and Happy Bird, has begun work on an O2 port of our VCS/2600 Mean Santa game!  Check out his blog for more details and screenshots (scroll down for the English translation).

  Howard Scott Warshaw reflects on having his past dug up - literally!  While most classic gaming fans spent time trying to obtain souvenirs from last year's Atari landfill excavation, Howard sat down to write about his first-hand experience, and what it meant to him, and we're honored to offer this exclusive article of his.

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