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  There are 4 hidden VCS games in Activision's Black Ops 2!  H.E.R.O., Kaboom!, Pitfall!, and River Raid are hidden in the game. To access them, go to the Nuketown 2025 map and shoot all the mannequins' heads within 2 minutes, and then go to the vintage TV set outside. Instead of seeing ads, you'll see the famous 1980s Activision logo!

  Former Atari/Imagic designer Bob Smith announced at this year's Portland Gaming Expo that both he and David Crane have new VCS games planned for release by year's end!  Smith's is called Dungeon and was 1st done on the Atari 800 as a test concept.  Crane's is likely a Video Poker prototype he found.  Tod Frye also mentioned redoing his VCS tech demos and is "seriously contemplating SwordQuest AirWorld"!

  A new game from Enter-Tech Ltd. (the company behind most Moppet Video coin-op games) called Arkyology has surfaced.  It was first mentioned in a January 15th, 1984 Chicago Tribune article that was all but forgotten about.  One of the programmers who developed the game for Sparrow, Paul Walters, announced the game was completed and he has a copy of it.  Hopefully the ROM will be shared with the community.

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