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  Jeff Minter brings us Minotaur Rescue for the iOS.  The game is very much like an updated version of Spacewar!, featuring graphics from VCS Asteroids and Combat!  This is the first in a planned series of games called the Minotaur Project.  See his Llamatron website for more info.

  Jon Wilson informed us of his Kickstarter project for a versatile gaming device called the KADE miniConsole+ that connects retro gamepads and controllers (inc. those for the Atari VCS/2600) to a huge variety of computers and consoles using plug and play detection, and the Kade team has already hit their goal within the first 5 hours!

  Howard Scott Warshaw reflects on having his past dug up - literally!  While most classic gaming fans spent time trying to obtain souvenirs from last year's Atari landfill excavation, Howard sat down to write about his first-hand experience, and what it meant to him, and we're honored to offer this exclusive article of his.

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