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  Howard Scott Warshaw reflects on having his past dug up - literally!  While most classic gaming fans spent time trying to obtain souvenirs from last year's Atari landfill excavation, Howard sat down to write about his first-hand experience, and what it meant to him, and we're honored to offer this exclusive article of his.

  Good Deal Games, in conjunction with 2600 Connection, plan to release a special edition of Ralph Baer's Odyssey2 Pinball game!  A limited run of 100 numbered, boxed copies will be produced and will include a manual and several extras.  The game cartridge will feature 2 versions -  Ralph Baer's original prototype version, and a new and improved version of the game which is currently in the final debugging stage.

  In closing out the year on a positive note, we offer the latest, exclusive interview from archivist Scott Stilphen, this time with former James Wickstead Design Associates designer Todd Marshall.  Scott archived a few prototype games and utilities for several systems, including some demos and an unknown VCS 3-D game, as well as 2 dozen source code listings!  It's another fantastic interview.  Happy Holidays!

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