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  The trailer for XBOX Entertainment Studios documentary, "Atari: Game Over" is now online. It was privately screened at Comic-Con, and the release date is set for this Fall. This comes on Microsoft's announcement they're shutting down the studio as part of a massive restructuring. Is history about to repeat itself, with Atari's E.T. once again a focal point?

  Howard Scott Warshaw 'conquers' Canada!  Recently announced to be a keynote speaker at the Ottawa International Game Conference, CTV News in Ottawa posted two articles and a video about the "Silicon Valley Therapist".

  After a day of "pre-digging" to find the right area, some of the product that Atari dumped over 30 years ago is at last seeing daylight again!  The Internet is buzzing with videos, videos, videos, photos, photos, photos, photos, photos, photos, & more photos. Plus comments + video from Howard Scott Warshaw, and video from Jim Heller!

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